Life is full of celebration like a friend's birthday, a new baby or a special anniversary. At Joy's Florist we help you select what is right
for the special people in your life.

From flower baskets to flower vases, our uniquer designs will be a work of love and art.

We shop the world, to bring zensational flowers for your occasion.

If our first choice is to support local Florida growers, we also by  fresh cut flowers  from  other USA  growers.

Come and discover why we are  Ft Lauderdale favorite
destination for fresh flowers and arrangements.

Please notice that any arrangement can be scaled to fit your space or budget.
Everyday Flowers For Any Occasion
T211-1A $75
T27-2B $45 & up
T48-3A $55 & up
Orange roses. red and purple gerbera daisies in a low glass container
TF 62-02 from $65.00
Traditional flower design
Sunflowers. Roses, solidago, ivy flower design
TF 67-2   $47.00
Bright yellow flowers in coubtry basket
TF 109-3   $42.00
Web 420    $60.00
T171-1A $65 &up
T44-1A $75 & up
T155-1A   $75
Orange roses and red gerbera daisies in a low basket
Weaved rattan basket filled with roses, gerbera daisies, mini carnations and greens.
Roses, tulips, hydrangeas, yarrow, asiatic lilies, solidago.
European style Basket of flowers
WEB-324  $42.00
Web-322    $55.00 to $75.00
Web-357     $60.00              
T173-3A $65
Web-147  $45.00
T9-1A $65 & up
Fresh tulips vase
Fragrant Casablanca lilies, with roses and alstromeria
Flower arrangement in a glass vase
modern flower arrangement in glass cube

Web-129  $89.00
Web-232  $40.00
Web-153   $65 ~$75.00
T48-2A $60
Web-144  $43.00
T47-1A $40.00
Web- 175   $50.00
Web-200 $40.00
T147-2A $55
Flower mix in a cube vase
Flower mix in glass vase
Flower mix in classic glass vase
Web-418  $42.00
Web 428 $100
Web 161 $120
Contemporary flower cube
Web-354   $80.00
T191-3A $85
T188-1A $85
Round flower design
White callas design
candle ring with flowers
Sunflowers arrangement in a basket
Calla Lillies $120.00
Modern flower arrangement in cube vase.
T208-1B $100 & up
954-566-0099 or 800-428-3492
lilies, roses, orchids in a glass cube
Flower mix in a rectangular glass vase
Lilies, roses, alstromeria in round glass vase
cymbidium orchids glass cyube
T55-1A $65
TF Web-576 $50
TF Web 578 $55
TF Web 500 $52
TF 3-1     $75.00~$90.00
Modern flower design with roses, cymbidiumorchids and exotic flowers
Web 614    $52.00
Web 613  $50.00
Web 629 $60.00
flowers filled bubble bowl
Country baskets $60 and up. T152-3A
Roses, Irises, Hydrangeas, buttons, berries and foliage basket
WEB 286
Vase filled with roses, tulips, mini hydrangeas, carnations, wax flower and foliage.
WEB 521
$120 Springtime in Paris
Colorful flowers in a glass vase
Roses, Hydrangeas, heather
WEB 187
WEB 134 $55
T213-2A $65
T159-3A $75
T159-1A $50
T145-1A $50
T82-3A $150